On February 10, 2006, my husband, my two children and I traveled from Colombia to the USA and lived in Florida for 10 years. Then on February 10, 2016 we traveled to North Carolina and settled in Mooresville, which is located north of Charlotte. That year when winter began, I realized that I didn’t have the appropriate sweaters for that weather, so I bought a yarn sweater that I liked a lot, but it didn’t have pockets. That's when I decided to make the pockets since I had experience knitting. I went on YouTube for help on how to make them and I then bought the materials and made the pockets for that sweater. With the leftover materials I thought I could do something else. I looked online and I found how to make hats. I saw so many things that I could knit and to do so I bought more materials and knitted flowers and key chains.
I enjoyed knitting so I decided to continue doing so. Among the things I saw online, I found how to make dolls. I found interested in a Vocaloid doll (Miyuki), because my oldest daughter loved anime a lot. I made one and my youngest daughter liked it a lot. She played with the doll all the time, so much that she took the doll to school and her friends also liked the doll and asked me to make one for each one of them. In the spring of 2017, they invited my daughter to a birthday and we didn’t have money to buy a gift, so we took a cat I had recently knitted as a gift.
That kitten was the attraction of the party, for this reason we decided to give away what we already had knitted at birthday parties.
As a result of this, my husband thought that instead of giving away what I kitted, we could sell it. We managed to sell the first doll (Miyuki) and we thought about starting a business.  But in the summer my husband's work decreased to the point where we were evicted from the apartment in which we lived, and for 5 months we lived in a motel. My husband went to work in a restaurant and offered the dolls to his co-workers and he managed to sell 15 dolls by the end of the year. The motel was far from my husband's work, and the children's schools were even further away. I had to take each one of them to their respective places.
The time that I had left, were spent it the library, or Panera Bread, where I knitted to fulfill the orders that my husband found for me. But I had to stop for almost a month because I fell and fractured my right hand. As soon as I could move my hand again, I continue with the orders. In 2018, we managed to move to a small house and little by little we sold some dolls.
In March 2019, we officially created the company, our website, and accounts on Social Medias. Now we hope to continue growing and improving. And to spread our creations to the world.
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